Summer Baseball Camps Linden, Stockton, Baseball Instruction Linden, Stockton

Summer Baseball Camps Linden, Stockton, Baseball Instruction Linden, Stockton

Youth Baseball Equipment Linden, Stockton, travel baseball Linden, Stockton

May 8, 2013, Linden, California --Looking for a summer camp?  Many players are now using the winter off season to improve their skills and start their spring season in mid-season form.  U.S. Baseball Academy hosts Spring Training camps aimed at just that.  These off season camps are aimed at helping players improve their swing, pitching mechanics, and fielding skills. The best local coaches in your area partner with U.S. Baseball Academy to offer these off season baseball training camps. These offseason training sessions are hosted locally at Linden High School. Players in 36 different states at over 180 locations participated in our Spring Training 2013.  2014 brings the addition of new locations and new drills to help your player stay in top playing form.  Sessions start in December and January, and are available for players of all ages.  Use our Triple Play discount and save $60 on 3 skills. Each clinic is tailored for travel teams, senior leagues, high school and serious little league players in the Linden, Stockton area.

Register now to take advantage of last year’s low prices.  Choose from skill sessions in hitting, pitching, fielding, baserunning, and catchers.  All registrations are fully refundable until December 1st.  Whether you are on a travel team or high school team already or aspire to be on one, start your spring in mid-season form by attending our six week camp. 

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Winter 2014 registration is now open.  Register now and pay later.  Advanced drills and expert coaches can help you get into midseason form while others are gathering winter rust.  Space is limited by a low player-coach ratio. Instruction is available in hitting, pitching, fielding, baserunning and catching. Pre-registration is required. More than 20,000 players participated in the most recent program.  

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